Berlin Symposium: Rethinking the Role of Women in Cultural and Media Professions in the European context.

 May 10, 2017 at 6pm at Hertie School of Governance in Berlin

On behalf of both the Hertie School of Governance and the Commission for Culture and Media in the Federal Chancellery, a high-level exchange takes place among experts on current efforts to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women in cultural and media professions in Europe.

There will be two short impulse statements by Monika Grütters, MdB, Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, and by Virginija Langbakk, Director of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) (tbc). Following the keynotes, there will be a moderated panel discussion among experts on current monitoring trends, policy measures, and their progress or deficits towards closing the gender pay gap and breaking the “glas ceiling”.

The European Women´s Audiovisual network (EWA) member Suzanne Pradel will present the key findings from the EWA´S research project “Where are the women in the European Audiovisual Industry?” and explain EWA´s recommendation for positive actions that would allow to fill the gab between women and men in the European audiovisual sector.

Charles Laundry

Eva Fehringer, Chair Gender Equality Commission of the Council of Europe
Els van der Plas, General Director of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet
Suzanne Pradel, Member European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA)
Lisa Jordan, Policy Consultant for various NGOs and foundations in the fields of development and environment

The event will be open to honored guests, students, the general public and the media.


The first Women in Film Best Pitch Award by Film Center Serbia and the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (EWA)

Belgrade Fast Forward: Women in Film Best Pitch Award
The Winner is the project „Fortnight“.

I had the honor to hand out the prize of €4000.- to Aga Woszczynska and Agnieszka Wasiak on March 4th, 2017 in Belgrade.

fotos: dusan milenkovic




Writers: Aga Woszczynska, Piotr Litwin
Director: Aga Woszczynska
Producer: Agnieszka Wasiak
Co-producer: Films De Force Majeure (FR),
Kinoproduzioni (IT)
Production Company: Lava Films

Anna and Adam, young married couple from Poland, spend a fortnight in Southern Italy. At the beginning of their stay, an accident happens. A man dies in front of their eyes. They observe the tragic accident but they don’t offer help, they remain passive. Anna and Adam continue their stay in total denial. Yet, for how long can they go without remorse? Slowly, they start to lose control over their lives. Feeling of guilt, at first rejected and subconscious begins to reign over their seemingly stable relationship

March 4th: Pitching Sessions at the Fest Forward in Belgrade

The Serbian FEST Forward is dedicated to projects in development, both fiction and documentary,  in two separate sections which will take place on:

Saturday, 4th of March
10:00 – 12:00 Fest Forward – Women in Film Pitch Yugoslav Cinematheque – Big Cinema Hall
12:00 – 14:00 Fest Forward Pitch – National Selection Yugoslav Cinematheque – Big Cinema Hall

The jury for the section Women in Film will be the Serbian actress Mirjana Karanovic, the Bosnian producer Amra Baksic Camo and Suzanne Pradel.

First Female Script Writer Residency Winner at the Berlinale

The winner of the first female scriptwriter residency program of the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (EWA) is at the Berlinale market.

The EWA scriptwriter residency programme is a great initiative dedicated to supporting the female screenwriting talents among EWA members, and helping them enter the industry with the best script possible.

The winner Murielle Thierrin gets financial consulting by EWA´s director Alessia Sonaglioni, script consultancy by the script consultant Suzanne Pradel  and profits from match-meetings with producers at the European Film Market of the Berlinale.

The three finalists of the EWA´s script residency in Berlin

It will be my pleasure to work with one of the three finalists for the Scriptwriter Residency Programme in Berlin by the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (EWA).





“Sugarcane Flower” written by Murielle Thierrin and Fabrice Pierre

An amazing love story

Logline: When a young single mother’s fight for emancipation gives birth to a jazz musical masterpiece. A period drama that takes place in 1928 in Barbados.

Screenwriter and producer, Murielle Thierrin studied management and finance in Paris, then scriptw
riting at the University of California (UCLA).Back in France, she created her own production company, ALDABRA Films.

“Bat & the Kid” written by Claire Leona

A funny and speedy comedy

Logline: Famous film director, Bat, and her fifteen year old lead actor’s relationship falls prey to vicious social media rumours and places her life, her husband and friends in emotional turmoil.

Claire Leona Apps‘ mother is Canadian and her father is English, however she was raised in Hong Kong and Indonesia. She relocated to Britain, where she graduated in Pure Mathematics at Imperial College before completing an MA at the London Film School, graduating as a director.

“Four Hands” written by Laetitia Mikles

An inspiring biopic

Logline: Helen (20) has a dream. She wants to go to university, get a diploma, become a writer and defend her political ideas. But Helen is blind. And deaf.

is a director, a scriptwriter and a film critic. After her studies in sociology and in documentary filmmaking, she shot documentaries of creation.

Christmas Newsletter

Dear partners, friends and colleagues,

A turbulent year comes to a close.

Since January 2016 Silke Hoffmann is supporting our team to scan the book market for interesting novels to adopt.

Suzanne Pradel has dramaturgically accompanied the development of a multitude of projects from which a few have been presented to the audience this year.

How we can shape a better future by knowing our history? This question was the center of the documentary about the work and life of Dr. Gerda Lerner „WHY WOMEN NEED TO CLIMB MOUNTAINS“ by Renata Keller.The film was well-received by its audiences from Berlin to Hamburg, London, Paris and Melbourne, consequently sparking lively discussions.
The English version will be soon available. View the trailer:

The international coproduction „GALLOPING MIND“ by the Belgian director Wim Vandekeybus and produced by Bart Van Langendonck (Savage Film) travels this year to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Filmfestival Cottbus and the Cairo International Film Festival.
View the trailer:

The non-fiction book „TO UNDERSTAND LIFE“ by the bestselling author and philosopher Wilhelm Schmid traces important questions about life, which have been the result of ten years of conversations with patients and doctors in a Swiss hospital.

BuchScout is delighted that the studio-musical „A MAN AND A PIANO“ by Árpád Bondy will have its premiere at the Theater Pforzheim.

Also for 2017 we have a multitude of projects in the pipeline. Thus it stays exciting.

BuchScout wants to wish you merry Christmas and countless happy moments for the New Year! We’d like to thank you for the fruitful collaborations this year and we’re looking forward to launching new, fascinating projects with you in 2017.

Your BuchScout Team

Nov 6th: Premiere in Australia: Why Women Need To Climb Mountains

12718195_1088957164495102_5629232043889521782_nThe fabulous documentary “Why Women Need To Climb Mountains” about the life of Dr. Gerda Lerner will be premiered at 18:00 – 21:00 AEDT at Palace Cinema Como, Torah Road, South Yarra, VIC 314 in Australia.

The evening and documentary will be introduced by Karen Downes, it has been produced and directed by Renata Keller and tells the story of Gerda Lerner’s contribution to women’s history and freedom and her profound message and example that needs to be passed on. Women need to progress and continue to work on self-authoring their lives. Gerda Lerner’s heroic attitude to overcoming obstacles symbolizes the strength
and power that lies within each woman. There is more to understand about the significance of her work and it is important that the next generations learn not only from her theoretical analysis of women’s history but also from her full-hearted and unrelenting spirit in making social change happen, by also rewriting history where women have been left out of the narrative. The film will challenge the audience to think about our collective future and will give a powerful message about the evolution of human dignity. We will complete the evening with a Q & A session.

English trailer:

Nov 12th: GALLOPING MIND at FilmFestival Cottbus

MV5BMTUzNjA5NjU5M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTA3MDAyNjE@._V1_SY317_CR50214317_AL_-203x300The artistically interesting arthouse movie is an international coproduction directed by Wim Vandekeybus and produced by Bart Van Langendonck (Savage Film). Suzanne Pradel was the script consultant on this project.

Performance:  2016-11-12 | 22:00 Weltspiegel

Belgium, Hungary, The Netherlands, 2015, 120 Min
Sam and Sarah lead a comfortable and blissful life, despite Sarah’s wishes to have a child and Sam’s gnawing reluctance to become a father. Yet destiny has a wicked sense of humour; an encounter with the explosive Lula will topple their relationship forever in this harrowing debut drama from Wim Vandekeybus.

Winners of the Pitching Platform for Feature Films at the Antalya Film Forum 2016

The 1. prize goes to the film SISTERS of the director Emin Alper and the producer Nadir Operli (Liman Film).
This artistic film tells a unique story of three sisters, revealing the practice of sending poor girls to work as servants for rich families. A strikingly beautiful representation on how people from an inferior class are trapped in their social status. The story is socially relevant as the gap between rich and poor people is growing all over Europe.

The 2. prize goes to the film TRUST/ Güven of the director Sefa Öztürk Colay and the producer Serkan Acar (FilmFabrik).
This project is an interesting mix of two genres with a multi layering of suspense. Thus the story explores relational problems in a very unique way as it questions what connects us other than trust.

The jury thanks all participants for presenting their projects to us.

Members of the Jury:
(l to r)
Serkan Yildirim (Erbay Media)
Sabina Mitevska (Sister And Brothers Mitevski Production)
Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agency Berlin)
Arten Zharku (Kosova Cinema-tography Center)