Script Coaching

After defining and agreeing on the current status of a project, the common goals of all involved partners will be recorded in a protocol.

After an in-depth analysis we’ll then work out a realistic time schedule to apply our dramaturgical findings in a rewrite. The rewrite will take place in several stages, according to the project ́s needs.

Our attention will focus on: Finding the suitable structure for the story; to flesh out believable conflicts and authentic, vivid characters; to create authentic dialogue, drawn from life and tailored to each individual character; to create a theme and a message that are compelling throughout; to highlight the uniqueness of the script, making it recognisable and appealing to your target audience.

Creative Working Techniques
The BuchScout Agency works with various creative techniques, such as mind mapping, clustering, brainstorming, acting improvisations, and coloured graphs to support and accelerate the writing process in a positive, productive way.

Dramaturgical Work
As script consultants we see our part in the development process as a coach, a sparring partner and a midwife, helping the author to hone their story, to bring out its unique and impressive cinematic qualities. To this end we question, confront and support the author in a way that lets the story’s full cinematic potential emerge. Sometimes we intervene as a “fire brigade” or trouble shooter to enhance a script ́s quality for last minute financing. Or in cases of conflicts, we help to reestablish a positive working atmosphere.