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„Before I left for Berlin, my Irish script editor and I discussed the challenges of writing a three-person (multi-protagonist) story structure. Suzanne was fantastic at pulling me back from this again to observe how the characters relate to each other synergetically. We discussed the characters through a feminist lens, and talked about mind, body and spirit. Suzanne was great to interact with, and specifically on character, synergies and tone. The absurd humour in my script was something that she had strongly responded to, and encouraged me to keep as part of my USP.“
Oonagh Kearney (screenwriter/ director from Ireland) about the work on her screenplay „Snow on Bears“ which has been selected for EWA´s first female scriptwriter´s residency in Berlin.

„Suzanne Pradel has helped me to develop my project with useful and sensitive advice. I have greatly enjoyed working with her. She has an amazing analytical perspective, combined with inspiring creativity. Our talks during the sessions have helped me to see the weaknesses and strengths of my project and encouraged me to keep working on my characters, making them complex and multi-faceted.“
Celia Rico (screenwriter/director from Spain) about the work on her screenplay „Little Loves“ which has been selected for EWA´s first female scriptwriter´s residency in Berlin.

„All meetings with her pushed have pushed the project ahead. Suzanne is always well prepared. What is also important to emphasize, is that she has the ability to listen to your wishes and goals, and to help you find the way to express them.“
Andrea Culkowa (screenwriter/ director from Prague) about the work on her screenplay „Testosterone Story“ which has been selected for EWA´s first female scriptwriter´s residency in Berlin.


„The writing session with the French-Hungarian screenwriter David Dusa and the German script consultant has enabled us to strengthen and polish the film’s structure and further develop the characters in our final draft.“
„Script consultant Suzanne Pradel’s analysis questioned many aspects of our story, the rewrite leading to a much needed simplification of the narrative, a reduction in the number of characters, while enhancing the development of the main characters“

Bart von Langendonck (Savage Film Belgium) about the work on the screenplay „Galloping Mind“ by Wim Vandekeybus


„The story, the script, was already built, so it’s not easy to get back inside the writing process. Like a surgeon, Suzanne came in our story, operating with skills to help us, by giving clear suggestions while respecting our own identity and sensibility. Amongst all her advice, she made two majors suggestions:The first one was the small details you don’t really pay attention to, but that make the whole difference. Your idea is good, but Suzanne just brings your script to a higher level with those details, making it more mature and successful.The second one was giving us the most valuable thing, the assurance and self reliance necessary to stand up and fight for our idea what ever the colour of skin, the ethnicity or gender of our characters.“
Murielle Thierrin (Aldabra Films Paris) about the work on her screenplay „Sugarcane“ which has been selected for EWA´s first female scriptwriter´s residency in Berlin.


„It was very nice to work with you. Many times in my life I’ve sat on your side of the desk (helping other writers, or teaching, or helping students with their script-thesis), and every time I meet someone advising me on my writing I try to learn the most, not only form their notes, but also the way the notes are delivered. And after a day with you I learned a lot.“
Carlos Morelli (Mexican Director and DAAD artist-in-residence in Berlin)