„Vera dreams of the sea“ erhält den Post Republik Award auf dem 26. Sarajevo Film Festival

Der von Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agentur) dramaturgisch betreute dramatische Thriller „Vera dreams of the sea“  hat auf dem 26. Sarajevo Film Festival im August 2020 den POST REPUBLIC AWARD in Höhe von €50.000.- erhalten.
Regisseurin:             Kaltrina Krasniqi
Produktion.              Isstra Creative Factory
Autorin:                     Doruntina Basha
Script Consultant:   Suzanne Pradel


Start of EWA’s „Female Scriptwriter’s Residency“ in Berlin

Beginning of the „4th Female Scriptwriter’s Residency of the European Women’s Audiovisual Network“ in Berlin.
The international script consultant Suzanne PRADEL will work with Oonagh KEARNEY is a Irish screenwriter and filmmaker and Celia Rico CLAVELLINO is a Spanish screenwriter and filmmaker on their next cinematic feature films.
EWA’s Female Scriptwriter’s Residency is an initiative dedicated to supporting the career of the next generation of screenwriting talents. It helps them to enter the industry with the best script (feature films only) possible by working on the strategic positioning of their project. Its purpose is to give a selected woman scriptwriter or director the opportunity to be mentored by a script consultant, to work with her before the Berlinale and to attend the EFM at the Berlinale 2020 to make connections.

Spielfilm „DU BIST DRAN“ mit Lars Eidinger bis zum 29.02.20 in der ARD Mediathek

Eines der von mir dramaturgisch betreuten Lieblingsprojekte läuft wieder in der ARD Mediathek (bis zum 29.02.2020): „DU BIST DRAN“ mit Lars Eidinger in der Hauptrolle; Buch & Regie: Sylke Enders; Premiere auf dem Filmfest München 2013; hochgelobt von der Kritik als Qualitätsfernsehen. Juliane Bartels Preis 2014.
Viel Vergnügen!!

Finalist EWA Scriptwriters‘ Residency 2020

I look forward to be working with two of these talented female screenwriters during the Berlinale residency of the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA). Selection will be out soon.

Celia Rico, The Little Loves

Celia Rico Clavellino (1982) is a Spanish screenwriter and filmmaker graduated in Media Studies and Comparative Literature. She also has a postgraduate in Script Editing and a PhD in Film Theory.

Journey around a Mother’s Room” her first feature film, premiered at San Sebastian Film Festival in 2018. The script participated in the Script Station of Berlinale Talents 2015. Her previous work as a director was “Luisa is not home”, a short film that participated in the Official Selection of La Biennale di Venezia, in the Cannes Short Film Corner and in other important national and international film festivals. Between other awards, it won a Gaudí (Catalan Cinema Academy Awards) as a best short film in 2013.

She is the scriptwriter and co-director of the project „Mironins“, an animated TV series for kids (currently in development) with the collaboration of Joan Miró Foundation. Celia has worked as an assistant to Claudia Llosa, and was the Second Unit Director on her latest film, “Aloft”. She has directed the project “Film Diaries”, an experimental documentary project for old women social integration, in collaboration with La Caixa Foundation and Barcelona City Council.

She has worked for several Spanish film companies such as Arcadia Motion Pictures (“Blancanieves”, “Aloft”, “Blackthorn”) or Oberon Cinematogràfica (“The Milk of Sorrow”, “Childish Games”, “Elisa K”).


Ani (70) takes a fall walking her dog and breaks her femur. Her daughter Teresa (42), who lives in the city, changes her vacation plans and moves into her mother’s house in the countryside to look after her until she can walk again.

For the first time in many years, mother and daughter spend day and night together. The mother is completely dependent on her daughter, who is useless at housework, and the daughter fully immerses herself into the temporality of her mother, whose griping is insufferable. To make matters worse, the heat is suffocating, and the threat of a summer storm looms heavily in the air they breathe, already dripping with mutual disapproval, memories, and the constant doubting of each other’s decisions. Teresa, childless and without a steady partner, ferociously defends her independence. Ani, widowed and with the sole company of her dog –who’s been missing since her fall–, still harbours the hope that her daughter will not be alone in the future. Otherwise, who will look after her when she, too, takes a fall in her old age?

Geraldine Creed, WANT

She is a filmmaker and writer with vast experience of both drama and documentary production. My most recent documentary Mercury 13 was made for Netflix in 2018. My promo for the film won the “Cuban Hat for Best Pitch” at the Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, Canada in 2015. I have a keen sense of narrative and an exceptional visual flair. My experience of film and media production is extensive from feature films to factual and observational documentaries to arts and history documentaries. Currently, I am developing two feature film scripts Want ( formerly Nightcrawler) and Mercury Rising, both have received financial support from Screen Ireland.


Jess Whelan has an eating disorder. Her mother, a nurse, cannot accept this. They are trying to rebuild their lives after Jess’ latest hospitalisation. Single parent, Bee works shift hours in a local old folks home while Jess returns to school but is expelled for putting her hand through a window. When a tree is felled on their housing estate, Jess finds an old ivory comb nearby. She also finds Anna, a brash and out-going ally. The girls attempt to out do each other with obsessive starvation. They meet Red (a local council worker), at a niteclub. Red takes things too far with Anna.

Meanwhile, Bee is getting grief from the bank and education officers but still no support for Jess, who is on a waiting list for a referral to a psychologist. Bee decides to investigate returning home to Canada – at least they’ll get more support for Jess there. Red turns up at Jess’ house and rapes her, Anna helps her kill him. They bury the body in the area where Jess found the ivory comb. Jess meets Billy, a local boy who tells her that the school and surrounding housing estate used to be a workhouse in famine times. Bee wears the ivory comb to work one evening and an elderly patient tells her it should be put back where it was found, no good will come of it, its a death comb, she warns. One evening, Billy and Jess discover the cops digging up the green area. When Jess hears a body has been found, she panics. At home, Bee is waiting for her. She has uncovered Jess’ diary and realises that her daughter is in a psychotic state. Anna and Jess are one and the same person. With the police closing in, Bee decides to make a break for Canada earlier than planned. At the airport, Bee and Jess hear that a famine burial mound has been revealed on the site where Red was buried.

A jet stream rises high into the sky, the famine woman looks up and smiles, we see blood dripping from her mouth. Beside her, in the bushes, sits Red’s baseball hat.

Katharina Suckale, BETWEEN OUR WORLDS

After her masters at the University Paris IX, Dauphine Katharina started in film distribution and sales at MK2 – Marin Karmitz in Paris 1988, moving to film production in Toronto, Canada, where she got to know the American film business. She has been working on the sets in feature film and TV-production in Europe over 16 years, also directing documentaries, short and experimental films.
Furhermore, she was producing under her own banner in Germany, France, Italy, Africa and India. She developed and wrote feature films for the cinema and developed concepts for TV and internet in cooperation with German, French, Italian and Indian producers, channels, studios and web platforms. 2011 she founded the production company Bombay Berlin Film Productions with Arfi Lamba, based in Berlin, Germany and Mumbai, India.


The deserted countryside of Maharashtra. An Indian farmer, his wife and four children are eating plain rice in their small hut. Suddenly he starts vomiting and dies on the spot. While his wife still desperately tries to save him, her son discovers that his father has put pesticides in his own rice.

Johanna (35), a warm-hearted and ambitious lawyer is working in Berlin, where the Rondo headquarters are based in a majestic skyscraper at Potsdamer place overlooking the city. As the most senior lawyer at Rondo, she will fight a case in which Rondo is accused of suicides committed by 300.000 Indian farmers between 1998 and now, as a result of the companies genetically modified, high yield seed schemes. Being informed by her boss Mr. Schneider (65) that she is a runner up for the Board of Directors, this case is a great chance to push her career, or break it.

At the steps of the International Court of Justice in The Hague she has a first encounter with her opponent Shaantanu (39), at which Johanna makes it clear that it is not Rondo Agricorp, but the corrupt Indian political system, the uneducated farmers and the greedy moneylenders that have caused the wave of suicides.

Kirsi Liimatainen, with TERKKU

Kirsi Marie Liimatainen was born in Finland in 1968. She has MA degree in Theatre and Drama studies of the University of Tampere. From 1991-1999, she worked as an actress in films, television and in theatres in Finland.
From 1999-2006, she studied directing at the Potsdam-Babelsberg Academy of Film and Television. Kirsi Marie Liimatainen was awarded scholarships by the DEFA-Foundation, the Nipkow-Program, the Academy of Arts in Berlin, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and took part in the Residence program of the Cannes film festival, CÉCI, Binger Film Lab, Torino Film Lab and the Residence program Saari of the KONEFoundation.


KERTTU (65) comes to the end of her career as a Finnish language and literature teacher in a high school in Southern Finland. Retirement brings long awaited freedom, but also a surprising feeling of loneliness. Kerttu’s husband, SEPPO (67) is still working as a specialist in paper mill engineering and often travels abroad. Kerttu’s grownup daughters, SOFIA (35) and ANNA (32) have their own busy independent lives. Anna is pregnant and even though Kerttu knows her daughter will soon need help with the baby, she feels that her life has become meaningless. She wonders what happened to the young idealistic hippie couple – she and her husband Seppo – and how they became middle class, overweight and old.

Out shopping in the city center with her best friend PIRKKO (63), Kerttu meets PEKKA (32) who is collecting money to help asylum seekers. Pekka tells the women that he is doing a volunteer job at a local reception center. Pirkko is skeptical, but Kerttu is impressed by his youthful idealism. When Kerttu takes the leaflet in her hand, little does she know that everything she takes for granted will be changed forever.

Kerttu and Pekka get to know one another and despite the fact that Kerttu’s husband and her daughters are opposed to the idea, Kerttu starts working as a Finnish language teacher at the reception center. When an Afghan family is threatened with forced repatriation, Kerttu takes action. Together with Pekka, Kerttu hides the family in a summer cottage on the outskirts of the city. Kerttu’s husband Seppo gets wind of the plan and threatens to report her to the police. The married couple – former members of the ’68 student movement – now stand against each other, no longer side by side.

Oonagh Kearney, with SNOW on BEARA

With a BA in English and Philosophy from University College Cork and M.Phil in Irish Theatre from Trinity College Dublin, Oonagh’s passion for directing was sparked when she got the job as casting director to Ken Loach on his Palm d’Or winning THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY in 2005. Since graduating from the NFTS in London, Oonagh has written and directed several award-winning short films, a Reel Art funded feature documentary and TV pilot for RTE. She shadow-directed on the comedy drama series CAN’T COPE WON’T COPE with Deadpan Pictures in 2016 and her most recent short film FIVE LETTERS TO THE STRANGER WHO WILL DISSECT MY BRAIN won Best Director of an Irish Short at the 2018 Cork International Film Festival, Discovery Award and Best Irish Short film at the 2019 Dublin International Film Festival, and Best Short Screenplay at the Irish Writers Guild Awards in June 2019.

As a writer, Oonagh has participated in several Screen Skill Ireland initiatives, Berlinale Talents, She Writes and the ‘Apulia Experience’ a five-week international TV writing workshop. Oonagh’s  feature screenplay SNOW ON BEARA was selected for the Athena IRIS Screenplay Lab in NYC and the BBC Drama Writers Room in 2017 and is in development with Screen Ireland. From January to May 2019, Oonagh was writer-in-residence at Carlow College.


In the wilds of Beara, a remote peninsula in West Cork, three women, English surgeon ESTHER (44), local postmistress NELL (36) and local teenager JO-JO (19), meet on a cliff following a near fatal car accident. While trying to get to the nearest village to find Esther a place to stay, things don’t go to plan and they end up stuck on Nell’s tractor looking for shelter to ride out a massive snow storm. Set in the forty-eight hours when their chaotic lives overlap, we are brought on a wild journey through their personal crises, all of which relate to mothering. To survive the night, they must not only work together, but support each other, as they face painful truths about themselves, the past, and the lives they still hope to lead. In Ireland, snowstorms are rare.


# Working a the Pichting Platform # Bosphorus Film Lab # Bosphorus Film Festival

Together with Giovanni Robbiano working with Turkish upcoming talents at the Pitching Platform during the Bosphorus Film Festival.


„Snow and The Bear“ by Selcen Ergun  (winner of the Pitching Platform) – „Anatolian Leopard“ by Orcun Köksal – „Not As You Know it“ by Vuslat Saraçoglu  – „Class Curtain“ by First Reihen – „The Cycle“ by Erkan Tahhusoglu – „Gülizar“ by Öktem Basol & Belkis Bayrak – „Treasure“ by Canberra Yerguz – „Let Who Has the Most Grudge Cast the First Stone“ by Stil Inanc –  „Final Hearing“ by Ümran After – „XLand“ by Kivilcim Okay, Tuncay Akgün

Apply now for the EWA´s female scriptwriter residency


Accommodation in Berlin starting from 1 February 2020 – and ending 29 February 2020, including three working sessions with a well-known script consultant (2 in Berlin + 1 Skype session after the Berlinale) amd the accreditation for the Berlinale.The EWA scriptwriting residency and the script consultancy must be mentioned in the credits of the later film.


  • Women scriptwriters or directors with a European nationality and resident in Europe (47 Council of Europe countries) having written or directed at least one feature film (fiction or documentary) distributed (Theatrically/TV/wide festival trajectory) in one European country.
  • who are EWA members. If you are not an EWA member you can join us now
  • who have a first draft of a script in English for a full length feature film. Fiction only.


  1. CV in English
  2. Copy of valid ID
  3. Treatment of the script in English.  By the time of the selection you must have a full script in English or French. (The unavailability of a script by the time of the selection prevents you from being accepted in the residency)
  4. Synopsis in English
  5. Project status information in English INCLUDING a Project curriculum (where the project has been presented, prizes, attached producer…)
  6. Motivation letter for the residency in English. This letter must show evidence of fluency in English.
  7. Evidence of release of previous films

Fill in the application here We do not accept applications by email. 

DEADLINE on October 15th

Suzanne Pradel is the script consultant attached to the programme. Suzanne is an international script consultant, lecturer and bookscout. For many years, she has been working as a script expert for several European Film Funds. In 2009 she founded the BUCHSCOUT AGENCY which specializes in novel-to-film adaptations as well as international script consultancy, developing sophisticated TV features and cinematic features.

Find more information: https://www.ewawomen.com/residency/

Interview with the film director Ivona Juka

See the INTERVIEW with IVONA JUKA (director of YOU CARRY ME which has been awarded with 14 international awards and available on Netflix) talking about her experience working with me as a script consultant on her new project WOLF IN LAMBSKIN during the  (ewa) in Berlin- a great initiative to support female filmmakers.


Berlinale 2019 – 3. Female Scriptwriter´s Residency @ EFM

It was great to work as a script consultant with the award winning screenwriter and director IVONA JUKA from Croatia (director of „You carry me“ on Netflix) on her new project during the „Female Scriptwriter Residency Programme“ of the European Womens´s Audiovisual Network (EWA) – a great initiative dedicated to supporting the next generation of screenwriting talents among EWA members.
It helps them to enter the industry with the best script possible by working on the strategic positioning of their project. Its purpose is to give a selected woman scriptwriter or director the opportunity to be mentored by the script consultant SUZANNE PRADEL, to work with her before the Berlinale and to attend the EFM at the Berlinale to make connections.

Photo: Anita Juka, Alessia Sonaglioni, Ivona Juka, Suzanne Pradel

SerienScout @ Berlinale – Drama Series Days

SerienScout ist Ihr Partner bei der Entwicklung von herausragenden Serien
Suzanne Pradel hat im Januar 2018 die SerienScout Agentur gegründet. Wir suchen, entwickeln und bearbeiten dramaturgisch originelle Serienprojekte für den nationalen und internationalen Markt.

SerienScout versteht sich als Creative Content Developer
Die SerienScout Agentur screent regelmäßig den Buchmarkt nach den neuesten erzählerischen und thematischen Trends. Unsere langjährige Erfahrung als Dramaturginnen und Gutachterinnen sowie der Besuch von Messen und Festivals gibt uns weitreichende Einblicke in das aktuelle Filmgeschehen auf dem europäischen Markt. Dieses Wissen kommt Ihnen zugute, weil es mit in unsere Beratung einfließt.
Wir beliefern Sie mit herausragenden neuen Stoffideen – seien es Originalideen oder Adaptionen – und erstellen marktfähige Konzeptpapiere für die Suche nach Partnern.
Wir beraten den Entwicklungsprozess Ihrer Serie von der ersten Idee bis zu den fertigen Drehbüchern nicht nur dramaturgisch, sondern auch die strategisch zielgerichtete Konzeption, so dass Ihre Serie so innovativ wie hochwertig und vor allem international tragfähig gestaltet ist.

SerienScout ist Ihr Partner bei der Entwicklung von Originalstoffen
Agentur: Wir vermitteln Ihnen Serienkonzepte, die wir aufgrund ihres Potenzials für den nationalen und internationalen Markt in unseren Rechtekatalog aufgenommen haben und die wir als Creative Developer in Ihrem Auftrag gemeinsam mit den AutorInnen bis zum drehfertigen Buch entwicklen.
Scriptconsulting: Wir begleiten dramaturgisch ergebnisorientiert die Entwicklung von Konzepten oder einzelner Folgen – vom Lektorat über die Script Analyse bis hin zur dramaturgischen Betreuung einer ganzen Staffel.
Autorensuche: Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Suche nach passenden nationalen wie international erfahrenen AutorInnen für Ihre Serie.
Serienkonzept: Wir konzipieren, überarbeiten und schreiben Ihnen ein markttaugliches Serienkonzept.

SerienScout ist Ihr Partner bei der Adaption von Romanen
Romansuche: Wir suchen für Sie Ihrem Produktionsprofil entsprechend Romane auf dem Buchmarkt zur seriellen Vermarktung.
BuchMarktÜbersicht: Wir beliefern Sie mit aktuellen Trendlisten vom Buchmarkt.
Romanrechtevermittlung: In seltenen Fällen bieten wir Ihnen direkt Romanrechte von Romanen, die wir aufgrund ihrer aussergewöhnlichen Thematik oder künstlerischen Besonderheit in unsere Agentur aufgenommen haben und die sich seriell vermarkten lassen.

SerienScout verbindet Sie international mit den richtigen Partnern
Die SerienScout Agentur behält einen fürsorglichen Blick über die reine Stoffentwicklung hinaus, denn wir stehen Ihnen weiter mit Tat und Rat zur Seite. Sie profitieren von unserem über viele Jahre hinweg aufgebauten europäischen Netzwerk. So unterstützen wir Sie bei der Suche nach den passenden und vertrauenswürdigen europäischen PartnerInnen (KoproduzentInnen, AutorInnen, RegisseurInnen, AnwältInnen…).

SerienScout sorgt auch viral für die notwendige Aufmerksamkeit
Die SerienScout Agentur verbreitet und bewirbt wichtige Neuigkeiten unseres gemeinsamen Projektes in den sozialen Netzwerken.

Dafür steht SerienScout
gesellschaftlich relevant – erzählerisch durchdacht – ökologisch-politisch visionär – ethisch-philosophisch inspiriert – kulturell seismographisch – audiovisuell revolutionär – artistisch originell




   Suzanne Pradel