Winners of Pitching Platform for Feature Films at the Antalya Film Forum 2016

The 1. prize goes to the film SISTERS of the director Emin Alper and the producer Nadir Operli (Liman Film).
This artistic film tells a unique story of three sisters, revealing the practice of sending poor girls to work as servants for rich families. A strikingly beautiful representation on how people from an inferior class are trapped in their social status. The story is socially relevant as the gap between rich and poor people is growing all over Europe.

The 2. prize goes to the film TRUST/ Güven of the director Sefa Öztürk Colay and the producer Serkan Acar (FilmFabrik).
This project is an interesting mix of two genres with a multi layering of suspense. Thus the story explores relational problems in a very unique way as it questions what connects us other than trust.

The jury thanks all participants for presenting their projects to us.


Members of the Jury (l to r):

Serkan Yildirim (Erbay Media), Sabina Mitevska (Sister And Brothers Mitevski Production)
Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agency Berlin)
Arten Zharku (Kosova Cinema-tography Center)