Belgrade Fast Forward: Women in Film Best Pitch Award

The first Women in Film Best Pitch Award  by Film Center Serbia and the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (EWA):

The Winner is the project „Fortnight“.

I had the honor to hand out the prize of €4000.- to Aga Woszczynska  and Agnieszka Wasiak on March 4th, 2017 in Belgrade.




Fortnight (Poland)
Writers: Aga Woszczynska, Piotr Litwin
Director: Aga Woszczynska
Producer: Agnieszka Wasiak
Co-producer: Films De Force Majeure (FR),
Kinoproduzioni (IT)
Production Company: Lava Films

Anna and Adam, young married couple from Poland, spend a fortnight in Southern Italy. At the beginning of their stay, an accident happens. A man dies in front of their eyes. They observe the tragic accident but they don’t offer help, they remain passive. Anna and Adam continue their stay in total denial. Yet, for how long can they go without remorse? Slowly, they start to lose control over their lives. Feeling of guilt, at first rejected and subconscious begins to reign over their seemingly stable relationship.