Berlin Symposium: Rethinking the Role of Women in Cultural and Media Professions

May 10, 2017 at 6pm at Hertie School of Governance in Berlin

On behalf of both the Hertie School of Governance and the Commission for Culture and Media in the Federal Chancellery, a high-level exchange takes place among experts on current efforts to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women in cultural and media professions in Europe.

There will be two short impulse statements by Monika Grütters, MdB, Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, and by Virginija Langbakk, Director of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) (tbc). Following the keynotes, there will be a moderated panel discussion among experts on current monitoring trends, policy measures, and their progress or deficits towards closing the gender pay gap and breaking the “glas ceiling”.

The European Women´s Audiovisual network (EWA) member Suzanne Pradel will present the key findings from the EWA´S research project “Where are the women in the European Audiovisual Industry?” and explain EWA´s recommendation for positive actions that would allow to fill the gab between women and men in the European audiovisual sector.

Moderator: Charles Laundry
Eva Fehringer, Chair Gender Equality Commission of the Council of Europe
Els van der Plas, General Director of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet
Suzanne Pradel, Member European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA)
Lisa Jordan, Policy Consultant for various NGOs and foundations in the fields of development and environment
The event will be open to honored guests, students, the general public and the media.