March 11-13: How do we get out of the box of patriarchal thinking in storytelling?

“This is a man´s and woman´s world”

At the EAVE producers workshop the script consultant Suzanne Pradel will talk about how to challenge the way we shape women and men in our films and become an innovative creator of female and male characters.

Suzanne will question what impact do patriarchal thought patterns have on character development. As filmmakers, how do we influence the fictional presentation and perception of women and men? What are the new tools for shaping characters in a more balanced way? What does it mean to activate a more feminine gaze on the world no matter whether you are a man or a woman? How we can help give birth to new perspectives and create more sensitive and visionary characters?

Trough a keynote, a sensing journey and one-to-one sessions she will analyze the characters in the scripts and help to enrich them using new development approaches and tools.

Simona Nobile´s keynote will be about female archetypes and Alessia Sonaglioni will present the European Women´s network.

This special workshop is a cooperation between EAVE producers workshop and the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (ewa).

Suzanne Pradel 
is an international script consultant, lecturer, sales agent and bookscout. For many years, she has been working as a script expert for European Filmfunds, Sat1ProSieben and Degeto.
In 2009 she founded the BUCHSCOUT AGENCY which specializes in novel-tofilm adaptations as well as international script consultancy, developing sophisticated European TV features and cinematic features.
In 2018 she additionally founded the SERIENSCOUT AGENCY which specializes in the development of  serial content. Suzanne  is a member of the German Association of Script Consultancy (VeDRA) and is a member of the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (ewa).