Christmas Newsletter

thDear Partners, Colleagues and Friends,

BuchScout wants to wish you merry Christmas and countless happy moments for the New Year! A strenuous but pleasant year comes to an end – a year in which we rejoiced in many successful projects and so feel assured of its continuation with you throughout 2016.

Here some of our highlights:

On December 24, 2015: The adaptation of the successful best-seller „I Am Off Then“ by German stand-up comedian Hape Kerkeling, directed by Julia von Heinz, and produced by UFA Cinema, will celebrate its theatrical release in Germany.

On September 9, 2015: The international coproduction „Galloping Mind“ by Belgian choreogrpher, author and director Wim Vandekeybus and produced by Savage Film, celebrated its successful theatrical release in Belgium.

The critically acclaimed and Juliane Bartel Price award winning TV Drama „It´s Your Turn“, by Sylke Enders and Lars Eidinger, produced by Zentropa, was aired again successfully in August on German T.V. Channel ARD’s „FilmWednesday“.

Following up on on his nonfiction book „Placidity – What We Can Gain When We Get Older“, which was lauded by literary critic Dennis Scheck and on top of Der Spiegel’s bestseller list in 2014 and 2015, we are pleased to announce the publishing of the philosopher Wilhelm Schmid’s new nonfiction work „SexOut – And The Art To Start From Scratch“, by Insel Editor this July.

We’d like to thank you for the fruitful collaborations this year and we’re looking forward to launching new, fascinating projects with you in 2016 and seeing them come to life on our small and big screens.

Your BuchScout Team



How to Adapt a Novel?

I am frequently asked by authors : Is my novel suited to being made into a movie? How would that work? It is fair to say that, overall, it is much less likely for a novel to be made into a movie than for it to be published. It takes at least a year before a producer may acquire the option rights, and then another one to three years before the movie based on the novel is eventually filmed. This obviously demands some degree of patience from the author. So what can the author do if they’re convinced their novel has movie potential?

The author should seek out an experienced film Dramaturg to determine whether the novel has the potential to be adapted into a movie. This is done for a fee. When choosing a film Dramaturg the author should pay close attention to their references.

If the author has been advised their material has the potential to be adapted into a TV or Feature Film, they can try and sell the novel themselves, or they can seek out an Agent to market and negotiate the film rights for them. This Agent should be a specialist in dealing with the film industry.

The Agent will then search for a suitable producer or Media outlet (‚partner‘) for the project.

If a suitable partner is found, the agency will then negotiate the necessary film rights and contracts on the author’s behalf.

A film script is produced based on the novel. Then, if the partner has successfully financed the film, shooting begins and the novel thus finds its way onto the small or big screen. If you have any further questions, or if you already own the film rights to a successful novel and are committed to adapting it to the screen, then do not hesitate to contact us at

The BuchScout Agency is an internationally active Script Consulting and Sales Agency for film rights. We specialize in dramaturgic advice on ambitious movie projects, script adaptations of novels and international co-productions, as well as evaluating the film potential of novels. Most recently BuchScout‘s Suzanne Pradel has worked on the feature film „Galloping Mind“ by the Belgian director Wim Vandekeybus (first cinema release: September 2015 in Belgium) and on the adaptation of Hape Kerkeling’s German best-seller „Ich bin dann mal weg“ (“I’ll Be Away”. Cinema release: December 2015).

€30.000 Development Grant by MFG Filmfunding for the adaptation of JACOB DECIDES TO LOVE 

Winner of the Swiss Book Prize and Eichendorff Prize in 2011, this epic drama about migration, sold over 50.000 copies in Germany alone. Translated into 7 languages, in 2011 and 2012 it was for months on Switzerland’s Best-Seller List.

The author and director Yilmaz Arslan (winner of the Silver Rose and Silver Leopard) and Berlin BuchScout Agent Suzanne Pradel will collaborate together on the cinematic adaptation of Catalin Dorian Florescu’s wonderful novel JACOB DECIDES TO LOVE.

Theatrical Release: “Galloping Mind” by Wim Vandekeybus

Galloping Mind

The drama „Galloping Mind“ by Belgian star-choreogrpher, author and director Wim Vandekeybus, will celebrate its theatrical release starting in Belgium, September 9th 2015. The E.U. Media Programme supported international coproduction was produced in Hungary by Savage Film, Climax Film, Eyeworks, Panta Vision Film International, Uj Budapest Filmstudio, and VRT/Canvas. BuchScout Suzanne Pradel worked as script consultant on this project.

Twins separated at birth, the girl grows up in a middle-class environment, her brother in a street gang. Twelve years later their paths cross again.


Watch trailer with English and French subtitles:

Oct 22nd, 2015: Join the „Adaptation“ seminar by Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agency) at SAE Alumni Convention 2015

„The book was different“, is one of the things you often hear when leaving the cinema. But Novels and Film are very different mediums. If so, why undertake a film adaptation instead of producing an original screenplay?

What are the benefits of an adaptation, and what are the pitfalls to be avoided? What are the steps in the process, from choosing the right Novel, the acquisition of rights and negotiation of contracts, to the completion of the film?

Suzanne Pradel is the founder of BuchScout Agency which is your expert for novel to film adaptations. As international script consultancy we work in the development of ambitious/ sophisticated feature films for the national and international markets.

SAE Institute, the world’s largest creative media school with a presence in over 50 countries is bringing back its iconic alumni convention to Berlin, Germany.