April 19 new berlin award for best screenplay ACHTUNG BERLIN FESTIVAL

Yesterday evening at the ACHTUNG BELRIN FILM FESTIVAL the jury:

Kerstin Polte, Suzanne Pradel and Florian Plumeyer awarded the new berlin film award in the amount of €1.500.- for BEST SCREENPLAY to Janin Halisch & Hanna Siodda for the film “Talk to me”.

The Achtung Berlin Screenplay Award is an initiative of the German Screenplay Association (DDV), Scriptmakers and Musterschule Drehbuch. You can find the laudation at Achtung Berlin.

I think the authors have captured the famous Berlin snark in a heart-warming way: tough but hearty – first create distance – attack, is the best way to get to know you. Well done Janin and Hanna!!!