Who Are We? What Is Our Mission?
The BuchScout Agency was founded in Berlin by script consultant Suzanne Pradel. Operating as an interface between film and novel, we partner with principals at all stages of the adaptation process, from identifying suitable content, brokering contracts and securing rights, consulting on screenplay development – from the initial idea to the finished shooting script.

Novel to Film Adaptation
Book Scouting – Analysis and Concepts for Novel-to-Film Adaptations – Your Agency For Film Rights

The BuchScout Agency specialises in novel-to-film adaptations. Recognising original and powerful novels open to cinematic adaptation, we provide expert analysis as well as conclusive concepts on the long path to the screen. Accompanying Producers, Authors and Screenwriters through the initial process of dramaturgical adaption and implementation, all the way through to the final draft and film realisation,

BuchScout dedicates itself to making sure that a wonderful novel becomes a wonderful motion picture. On behalf of authors, publishers and literary agencies, as a Sales Agency we solicit in rare cases novels lending themselves to film adaptation to international film producers and media outlets (TV).

Script Consulting
Reading Reports – Script Analysis – Expose – Script Consultation – Translation and Script Polishing

As an internationally active Script Consulting Agency we work on the dramaturgical development of sophisticated feature films for national and international markets. Analysing and advising on German, English and French films for TV and Cinema in all development stages, we also provide concise, professional presentations for producers, co-producers, and decision makers at media outlets (TV), distributors and film funds. In the development stage we can help move gridlocked projects along with fresh ideas and impulses.

Offering professional script translations and polishing, BuchScout’s team of native English, German and French writers and translators can prepare your project for international exposure .

Who Are BuchScout’s Clients?
Producers, Co-producers, Production Companies, Media Outlets (TV) and Film Distributors, Authors, Screenwriters and Novelists, Publishers and Literary Agencies, where ever German, French or English is spoken.

What Does BuchScout Focus On?
Novel-to-film adaptations for TV and Cinema, for national and international markets.

Drama – dramedy – historical and political driven stories – female driven stories – comedy – biopic- family entertainment – thriller