Novel to Film Adaptation

Novel-to-Film Adaptation

Book Scouting – Analyses & Concepts – Securing Film Rights

The BuchScout Agency is your specialist for novel-to-film adaptations. Whether for cinematic or specific TV formats, our aim is to effectively and efficiently locate innovative original novels rife for adaptation, honing them to your production or client ́s needs. From analysing whether or not a novel lends itself to adaptation, to developing adaptational concepts, BuchScout guides you through the entire process of cinematic adaptation.

Adaptational Process

Accompanying Producers and Authors/Screenwriters through the initial process of dramaturgical adaption and implementation, we write in-depth analysis and conclusive concepts.

Book Scouting

Client Assessment
Only after an in-depth exchange can we identify what a Producer is looking for. After screening their previously produced films to get a feel for their style, and establishing our goals and collaboration in a protocol, BuchScout then approaches diverse literary agencies and publishers to select the novel be fitting their wishes, by:

• Arranging regular meetings with Publishers and Literary Agencies
• Attending Book Fairs (Leipzig and Frankfurt)
• Studying Publisher inventories and Book Reviews
• Checking Bestseller Lists and screening of relevant internet sites
• Book Readings, T.V. and Radio Book Reviews

Film Rights
We determine who holds the rights of selected novels, and whether or not the rights are available. Results We then provide you with a comprehensive report on adaptable, readily available novels that fulfill your requirements.

Your Advantage
• You receive speedy access to adaptable, available novels that fit your production company ́s profile.
• You profit from our network of contacts to Publishers and Agents.
• The quickest, cost-effective path to finding and securing a novel for adaptation.
• Save time and money searching for new trends and innovative storytelling. • You cost-efficiently improves the quality of your portfolio.