Suzanne Pradel
Creative Producer, Script Consultant, Sales Agent and Author  for int. co-productions, feature films and novel-to-film adaptations
Suzanne is an international script consultant, lecturer, sales agent and bookscout.
In 1993 she started her career working in TV and Film as Assistant to the executive producer and Production Assistant for production companies such as UFA, ndF and TeamWorx. In 1996, she was awarded with a Scholarship by the Film Board Berlin-Brandenburg as Dramaturgical Assistant at the „Step by Step“ program of the Master School Drehbuch. From then on, she became Assistant Director for films, such as „Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass“ by Klaus Krämer, the historical ZDF mini-series „Sturmzeit“ by Bernd Böhlich, or the RTL series „Puma“.
Since 1999 Suzanne has worked as a freelance Reader, Script Advisor, and Book Scout for TV channels, Film Funds, Distributors and Production companies, such as: Road Movies, German Columbia Pictures, Boje Buck & Delphi, Sat1. From 2003 to 2008, Suzanne applied her expertise as Script Advisor, Book Scout and Author working in the development department of ndF Berlin.
Suzanne developed her pedagogical skills as a Tutor at Film School Hamburg-Berlin (2007-2008) whilst being Member of the Jury. She went on working as Lecturer for Script Development at the Film Acting School Berlin (2008-2011), and has since participated as lecturer in many panels and workshops.
In parallel, she analyses submitted projects as a script expert for Eurimages, MEDIA Programme (since 2008), ProSiebenSat1 and Degeto.
In 2009 she founded the BuchScout Agency which specializes in novel-to-film adaptations as well as international script consultancy, developing sophisticated European TV and cinematic features. In 2018 she founded the SerienScout Agency which develops and sells serial content.
Suzanne is a member of the German Association of Script Consultancy (VeDRA) and is the attached script consultant to EWA ´s Female Scriptwriter Residency in Berlin.
(Fluent in German, English, French)

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Suzanne`s Clients 

Katrin Merkel 
Script Consultant and Development Producer for series

Katrin is a Member of the Association of German Cinema and TV Consultancy (VeDRA e.V.). She studied at the University of Hamburg and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1995. First working as a freelancer and video-journalist in Hamburg, she entered into film production in 1996, working for some years as production-, script- and producer-assistant and in script development for  Studio Hamburg, Colonia Media, Rhinestone, Endemol. In 1999, she started working as a freelance script reader and screenwriter, at first for the daily-soap “Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)” (ARD) and Court-Shows, then developing concepts for drama-, comedy- and crimeseries and sitcoms together with her co-writers. She also wrote the feature film “Polski Express” which was funded by the ‘Filmbüro NW’. She co-wrote and worked as assistant director at “Stiller Sturm (Silent Storm)”, written and directed by Thomas Thomson for ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel. Since 2001 she worked as a script reader and dramaturge for the fiction department of RTL in Cologne. Since 2010 she is working as a freelance script consultant and in 2017 she came on board at the BuchScout Agency.

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Silke Hoffmann
Book Scout and Researcher

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The BuchScout Agency and SerienScout Agency cooperates not only with Katrin Merkel on projects but also with other professional dramatic advisors for the Association of German Cinema and TV Consultancy (VeDRA e.V.):

Kyra Scheuer, Angela Heuser, Marcus Patrick Rehberg, Frauke Schmickl, Vera Richter, Alex Heneka

Translators and polishers the BuchScout Agency works together with are:
Mark David Hatwood, Coraline Grandin, Guilvic Le Cam, Ian Burley, and Steven Trop