ContentSales Agency for Film Rights

Rights Assessing
A Novel’s Potential As experienced dramatic advisers we evaluate whether a novel has the potential for a cinematic adaptation, and if so, for which respective market. This is done for a fee.

Signing With Our Agency
When we believe a novel is adaptable and has the potential to become a successful TV or cinema movie, we conclude an agreement with the author, publisher or literary agent to exclusively represent and broker film rights on their behalf.

We collaborate with the author (or entity) on a concise, professional market presentation for national and European producers, directors and TV outlets, meeting with them personally to discuss your project.

Negotiating Contracts
If a suitable partner is found, our client can personally take over contract negotiations, or BuchScout can negotiate film rights and other contracts on our client’s behalf.

Cinematic Adaptation
If our advice or expertise is desired, BuchScout will accompany the purchaser of the film rights in the adaptational process, right through to the script’s final draft and realisation. Then, when the Producer has successfully financed the film, shooting begins, and the novel thus finds its way onto the living room or big screen.