Teaching at the Pichting Platform of the Bosphorus Film Lab

Together with Giovanni Robbiano working with Turkish upcoming talents at the Pitching Platform during the Bosphorus Film Festival.


“Snow and The Bear” by  (winner of the Pitching Platform) – “Anatolian Leopard” by Orcun Köksal – “Not As You Know it” by Vuslat Saraçoglu  – “Class Curtain” by First Reihen – “The Cycle” by Erkan Tahhusoglu – “Gülizar” by Öktem Basol & Belkis Bayrak – “Treasure” by Canberra Yerguz – “Let Who Has the Most Grudge Cast the First Stone” by Stil Inanc –  “Final Hearing” by Ümran After – “XLand” by Kivilcim Okay, Tuncay Akgün

Apply now for EWA´s Female Scriptwriter Residency in Berlin


Accommodation in Berlin starting from 1 February 2020 – and ending 29 February 2020, including three working sessions with a well-known script consultant (2 in Berlin + 1 Skype session after the Berlinale) amd the accreditation for the Berlinale.The EWA scriptwriting residency and the script consultancy must be mentioned in the credits of the later film.


  • Women scriptwriters or directors with a European nationality and resident in Europe (47 Council of Europe countries) having written or directed at least one feature film (fiction or documentary) distributed (Theatrically/TV/wide festival trajectory) in one European country.
  • who are EWA members. If you are not an EWA member you can join us now
  • who have a first draft of a script in English for a full length feature film. Fiction only.


  1. CV in English
  2. Copy of valid ID
  3. Treatment of the script in English.  By the time of the selection you must have a full script in English or French. (The unavailability of a script by the time of the selection prevents you from being accepted in the residency)
  4. Synopsis in English
  5. Project status information in English INCLUDING a Project curriculum (where the project has been presented, prizes, attached producer…)
  6. Motivation letter for the residency in English. This letter must show evidence of fluency in English.
  7. Evidence of release of previous films

Fill in the application here We do not accept applications by email. 

DEADLINE on October 15th

Suzanne Pradel is the script consultant attached to the programme. Suzanne is an international script consultant, lecturer and bookscout. For many years, she has been working as a script expert for several European Film Funds. In 2009 she founded the BUCHSCOUT AGENCY which specializes in novel-to-film adaptations as well as international script consultancy, developing sophisticated TV features and cinematic features.

Find more information: https://www.ewawomen.com/residency/

SerienScout @ Berlinale Drama Series Days

The SerienScout Agency was founded in January 2018 by script consultant Suzanne Pradel. The SerienScout Team searches for serial content on the German bookmarket and among European talent scriptwriters. We develop, dramaturgically consult and broker innovative series for the national and international market.

SerienScout is your creative serial content developer
The SerienScout agency regularly scans the German`s book market for the latest narrative and thematic trends. Our many years of experience as dramatic advisors and script experts, as well as our attendance at fairs and festivals, gives us far-reaching insights into the current European film scene. Our knowledge benefits you.
We supply outstanding new serial concepts and broker the rights. These can be original ideas or adaptations – and we write marketable concepts to facilitate your search for partners.
We not only discuss the development process of your series dramaturgically from the initial idea to the finished scripts, but also develop the strategically targeted conception. Thus we make sure that your series is innovative, high-quality and, above all, internationally outstanding.

SerienScout is your partner in the development of original series
Agency: We broker the rights for series in our catalog made for the national and international market. As your creative developers, work into finished scripts together with the authors.
Script consulting: We accompany the development of your series – from script analysis of one episode to the dramaturgical support of an entire season.
Authors search: We support you in the search for nationally and internationally suitable experienced authors for your series.
Series concept: We design, revise and write a market-ready series concept in German, English or French.

SerienScout is your partner in filmic adaptation
Novel search: We search the German book market for novels ripe for marketing as serials according to your production profile.
Book market overview: We supply you with current trend lists from the German book market.
Novel rights brokerage: In rare cases, we can offer you book rights to novels taken up by our agency because of their extraordinary theme or artistic merit and which can be marketed as serials.

SerienScout connects you with the right international partners
By providing you with continuous assistance and advice, the SerienScout agency looks after you beyond the script development. In addition, you benefit from our European network built up over many years. In this way, we help you in the search for suitable and trustworthy European partners (co-producers, authors, directors, lawyers …).

SerienScout gets your project noticed in the web
The SerienScout agency distributes and promotes important news of our joint project in the social networks.

SerienScout stands for
socially relevant – narratively sophisticated – eco-politically visionary – ethical-philosophically inspired – culturally seismographic – audio-visually revolutionary – artistically original



Suzanne Pradel



Christmas Newsletter

Dear partners, colleagues and friends,

Again an exciting year comes to a close.
Below you’ll see a short overview of our year’s activities.
In addition to our collaboration with numerous film professionals including producers, authors, screenwriters, commissioners or TV and cinema distributors, exciting new projects took form.
We expanded our activities to serial story telling, and adopted talented screenwriters on board with their exceptional projects
BuchScout would would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and countless happy moments for the New Year to come!
We’d like to thank you for the wonderful partnerships held this year and we’re looking forward to launching new, fascinating projects with you in 2019.
Your BuchScout & SerienScout Team

Creation of SerienScout

In January Suzanne Pradel founded the SerienScout Agency for Serial Content. The SerienScout team searches for serial content on the German bookmarked and among European talent scriptwriters. We develop, dramaturgically consult and broker innovative series for the national and international market. SerienScout is you rcfreative serial content developer.

photo: Suzanne Pradel & Katrin Merkel


2nd Female Scriptwriter Residency 2018

For the second time Suzanne Pradel coached the winner of the „Female Scriptwriter Residency in Berlin“ of the European Women’s Audiovisual Network. This cooperation between EWA and BuchScout will be continued in 2019.

Workshop: This is a Man’s and a Woman’s World

At the EAVE producers workshop the script consultants Simona Nobile and Suzanne Pradel questioned current patriarchal thinking patterns in story telling and showed in the workshop possible ways out.

photo: (f.l.t.r) Suzanne Pradel, Tina Trapp, Alessia Sonaglioni, Simona Nobile

23. Filmfest Turkey Germany

The Jury gave the Best Film Award to the director Christian Petzold for his cinema movie „TRANSIT”.
Ender Özkahraman won the Special Price of the jury for his cinema movie „A DIFFICULT DECISION”.
Sener Sen got the price for the Best Actor Award and Stephanie Amarell the Best Actress Award.
photo: (f.l.t.r.)(f.l.t.r.) Tuba Ünsal (actress, producer, Mahmut Fazil Coskun (director), Suzanne Pradel, Klaus Eder (film critic, Fipresci), Kyra Scheurer (script consultant)

6. Bosphorus Film Festival 2018

On the panel “Principles of Screenwriting“ which was moderated by the screenwriter Selin Tunc Suzanne Pradel discussed together with her colleagues the newest developments concerning filmic story telling.
The Jury of the “Pitching Platform“ gave the TRT Co-production Award to the director Ümit Köreken and the Digiflame VFX Post Production Support Award was given to the team Korhan Günay and Canan Çelik.
Jury: Faruk Güven (TRT), Suzanne Pradel, Dervis Zaim (Regisseur).

photo:(f.l.t.r.) Massimiliano Nardulli (Less Is More), , Suzanne Pradel, Selin Tunc (screenwriter) Giovanni Rabbiano (screenwriter & director)

The shortlisted for EWA´s 3rd female scriptwriter residency in Berlin

The 3rd scriptwriter residency programme of the EUROPEAN WOMEN´S AUDIOVISUAL NETWORK is a great initiative dedicated to supporting the next generation of screenwriting talents among EWA members. It helps them to enter the industry with the best script possible by working on the strategic positioning of their project . Its purpose is to give a selected woman scriptwriter or director the opportunity to be mentored by a script consultant, to work with her before the Berlinale and to attend the EFM at the Berlinale to make connections.

The shortlisted female scriptwriters for the residency 2019 are:

Spanish scriptwriter/ director Fany De La Chica with her script her dramedy „Al ALBA“

Kroatian scriptwriter/ director Ivona Juka with her script antiwar-drama „LAMBS IN WOLFSKIN“

Romanian scriptwriter/ director Cecilia Stefanescu with her script for her mystery drama “THE GREAT ADVENTURE”


Suzanne Pradel is the script consultant attached to the programme. Suzanne is an international script consultant, lecturer and bookscout. For many years, she has been working as a script expert for Eurimages and MEDIA Programme. In 2009 she founded the BUCHSCOUT AGENCY which specializes in novel-to-film adaptations as well as international script consultancy, developing sophisticated TV features and cinematic features.

Winner of the Bosphorus Film Lab Pitching 2018

Focusing on supporting local up-and-coming filmmakers, the Bosphorus Film Lab (BFL), the industry section of the 6. Bosphorus Film Festival, took place from 27-31 October. The Bosphorus Film Lab is organised in partnership with Turkey’s national pubcaster TRT, and in its Pitching platform, 10 projects were presented.

The Jury of Faruk Güven (TRT), Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agency), Dervis Zaim (director) gave the  main TRT Co-production Award, provided by Turkey’s pubcaster and a partner of the Bosphorus Film Lab, to A Hope (Bir Umut), directed by Ümit Köreken, (director of Blue Bicycle). It is being produced by the director and his wife, Nursen Çetin Köreken, and shooting is tentatively scheduled for next year.

The 50,000 TL (€8,000) Digiflame VFX Post Production Support Award went to Stick Horse (Değnekten At) by Korhan Günay and Canan Çelik, their debut feature. Produced by Bulut Reyhanoğlu, the film will start shooting next year.

6 essential tips for receiving €60.000 for your film

Independent producers have the opportunity to apply for a potentially lucrative grant from the MEDIA Development Fund to develop movie projects that have international marketing potential. In 2014 MEDIA launched the fifth round of its Program Creative Europe with a budget  of 5 Million Euro. The aim of the program: To strengthen Europe’s audiovisual industry. Individual projects in the area ‚Movies‘ can apply for up to 60.000 Euro. Bonus points are awarded, for example, to projects aimed at the Under-16’s. However, competition for these program funds is intense. If you wish to be successful nonetheless, you should consider the following:

Do not submit too soon
Only enter your project into the race when the material has taken concrete shape and you’ve attached a number of partners (internationally renowned creatives, co-producers or distributors) to your project. Formal letters-of-intent from your partners will strengthen your application.

Clearly identify any weaknesses of the material submitted
Rather than gloss over any weakness, do identify problems and articulate concrete suggestions for solutions. Be clear about the direction you wish to take your project.

Identify and name the partners you wish to attract to the project to add value to your script
For example, if your author has been unable to deliver a convincing exposé, treatment or first draft script, then look for a strong partner who will significantly improve the quality of the project. Identify and name the script consultant or dialogue writer you’ve attracted to the project and add their letter-of-intent and filmography. Explain clearly why you’ve chosen this particular person to join the creative team.

Make sure your MEDIA submission is coherent
We notice time and again that the proposed project phases do not match proposed costs in the requested funds calculations. A likely reason for this is several people, such as production manager and producer, will have contributed to the submission. It is therefore important that the whole application is carefully proofread for consistency and coherence. Check whether all proposed tasks have been sufficiently considered in the costs.

Do a detailed time plan
Include a time plan in your submission. You should allow sufficient time for each phase of development. Take care to make this time plan realistic, such that everyone involved in the development of your project is able to stick to it and deliver.

Identify your target group as closely as possible
You should reveal and elaborate on who the specific target group for your movie is. Explain which measures will be taken to reach this group. Consider who could be an attractive partner when it comes to marketing your film. Examples would be interest groups or forums.

„BuchScout & SerienScout“ is a Script Consulting and Sales Agency headquartered in Berlin. We search for content on the German bookmarket and among European talent scriptwriters. We develop, dramaturgically consult and broker innovative feature films and series for the national and international market.