Filmography Suzanne Pradel

Filmography Suzanne Pradel



“Trümmer” (historical drama series)
Created by Emily Reimer & Suzanne Pradel, p: Dor Film; funded by the Hamburg Schleswig Holstein film fund



For more than one analysis, to monitoring an entire project


„Little Loves“ (drama); a+d: Celia Rico; P: Arcadia Motion Pictures (Spain) in coproduction with Noodles Production (France); Mentoring for 4. Female Scriptwriter’s Residency in Berlin of the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (ewa); status: in development

„Snow on Beara“ (Ddramedy), a+d: Oonagh Kearney; Mentoring for 4. Female Scriptwriter’s Residency in Berlin of the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (ewa); funded by Screen Ireland, status: in development


„Vera dreams of the sea“ (dramatic thriller); a: Doruntina Basha; d: Katrina Krasniqi; p: Isstra Crearive Factory (Kosovo); Winner of Midpoint; status: in post production


“Little Peter´s Journey to the Moon”  (family entertainment)
d: Ali Samadi Ahadi; p: Little Dream Entertainment; w: Andre Nolting & Ali Samadi Ahadi; VFX-Studio: Red Parrot Studios; project status: pre-production

“It´s Bonny By The Sea” (dramedy)
w: Rebecca Innes
Dramaturgical script consulting “Young Talents” for the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (ewa), project status: in development

„Testosterone – The Fragile Beauty of Masculinity“  (drama)
w+d: Andrea Culkóva, p: Duracfilm
Dramaturgical-strategical script consulting for the second Female Scriptwriter Residency in Berlin of the European Women´s Audiovisual Network; project status: in development


„Odyssee“ (drama)
d: Issaka Traoré de Brahima: p: Aldabra Films (France) & Sahel Films (Burkina); dramaturgical consulting in the editing; project status: in postproduction

„Self-Acceptance – Making Life Easier“ (philosophical non-fiction book)
by the Bestseller Author Wilhelm Schmid, published by Suhrkamp/Insel in March 2018

“Sugarcane” (drama)
w: Murielle Thierrin; p: Aldabra Films
First Female Scriptwriter Residency in Berlin by the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (EWA); project status: rewrite & financing


“Why Women Need To Climb Mountains” (documentary)
about the life and work of the female historian and political activist Dr. Gerda Lerner directed w+d Renata Keller; p: Vertical Impulse; DVD distributed by Absolut Medien, invited by the UN in Paris

“Understand life (non-fiction book)
by Wilhelm Schmid released on 12/09/2016 on Suhrkamp/ Insel


„I’m Away Now“ (comedy)
Novel-to-film adaptation of the best-seller by Hape Kerkeling
w: Jane Ainscough & Rolf Silber; p: UFA with Feine Filme. Release in December 2015 with more than 1 mio. cinemagoers in Germany

„SexOut – And The Art Of Starting Fresh“ (philosophical non-fiction book)
by the Bestseller Author Wilhelm Schmid, published by Suhrkamp/Insel in June 2015

„Galloping Mind“ (episodical drama)
d: Wim Vandekeybus; P: Savage Film Belgium; selected Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2016, FilmFestival Cottbus 2016.

“Schönefeld Boulevard“ (dramedy)
w+d: Sylke Enders, Coproduced by RBB, WDR; Credo:film, arte, Ester.Reglin.Film. Theatrical release: September 2014. Selected for the „Lola” at the Berlinale“ 2015, and prenominated for the German Film Prize 2015.


„What We Can Gain When We Grow Older – On Gelassenheit“
Non-fiction book by the German philosopher Wilhelm Schmid, published in March 2014 by Suhrkamp/ Insel. Spiegel best-seller list 2014-2015, recommended by the critic Dennis Scheck.
„… (Schmid) writes clearly and unmistakeable, without appearing banal at any time or to stay too long with matters of course. Philosophy wins back its original purpose“,  by Thomas Gross. FAZ 14.05.2014

„Mother“ (short)
w+d: Guilvic Le Camp, p: Paris-Brest Production (F), Short Film Festival Brest 2015


„It ́s Your Turn“ (TV drama)
w+d: Sylke Enders; p: Zentropa Entertainments Berlin; selected by Munich Film Festival 2013. Recognized as a high quality TV film by many critics. Winner of the Juliane Bartel Media Award 2014.

2010 + 2012

„Hanni and Nanni“ I+II (family entertainment)
Novel-to-film adaptations based on Enid Blyton’s bestselling book series „The Twins at St. Clare‘s“ – „Hanni and Nanni I“ was one of the most successful German film releases in 2010, d: Christine Hartmann; P: UFA Cinema and Florin Film.


„Deutschland 09“ (13 short films)
by German film directors such as Tom Tykwer, Fatih Akin and many more; a film panorama depicting the social and political situation in present-day Germany: episode by Sylke Enders, p: Heimat Film


SCRIPT ANALYSIS (a selection)

Innumerable analyses for Production Companies, Distributors, Film Fonds and German Funds. A multitude of analyses for German TV broadcasters. Over 300 scripts and projects for several National and European Film Funds.

For Example:

„Tom Sawyer“ (Family Entertainment), d: Hermine Huntgeburth, P: Neue Schönhauser

„Fenster zum Sommer“ (Drama), d: Henrik Handloetgen, p: Zentropa Berlin

„Cheyenne“ (Drama) d: Sorrentino, p: int. coproduction

„A Dangerous Method“ (Biopic), d: Cronenberg, P: int. coproduction „Carnage“ by Roman Polanski, P: int. coproduction

„Loveless“ (drama) d: Andrey Zvyaigintsev; b: Oleg Negin, Andrey Zvyagintsev, P: int. coproduction

„Küstenwache“ (TV Series) d: various, p: Opal Film, ch: ZDF, over 20 episodes . . .



2019 Lecturer at the Workshop for the Pitching Platform „Bosphorus Film Festival“, Istanbul

2018 Member of the Pitching Jury and Speaker at the Bosphorus Film Festival and
Bosphorus Film Lab:
Talks: Principles of Screenwriting
“What are essentially the project development platforms?”, “What is the purpose?”, “To whom, where and how can you present your project in an effective manner?” We will search for the answers together with the representatives of Bosphorus Film Lab, Torino Film Lab, and Palestine Film Lab. 

2018 Member of the Jury Feature Film at the 23. Türkei Deutschland Filmfestival

2018 “This is a man´s and woman´s world” – developing powerful female and male characters – Lecturer at EAVE Producers Workshop

What impact do patriarchal thought patterns have on character development? As filmmakers, how do we influence the fictional presentation and perception of women and other social groups by our use of images and sound? Do we simply reproduce old ways of thinking through our approach to presenting protagonists in our stories? What are the new tools for shaping characters in a more balanced way? What does it mean to activate a more feminine gaze on the world no matter whether you are a man or a woman? How we can help give birth to new perspectives on ourselves and others?

2017 “Rethinking the role of women in cultural and media professions: A European comparison” – Speaker at the Hertie School of Governance
Which concrete measures are most effective to dismantle the glass-ceiling and to advance gender equality?

Panel with: Eva Fehringer (Council of Europe), Lisa Jordan (Porticus Foundation), Els van der Plas (Dutch National Opera & Ballet), Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agency, EWA)

2017 Speaker at “Content with a regional identity for the film and TV market” at the Filmfest Mecklenburg Vorpommern
Panel with: Elke Haferburg (NDR Funkhauses MV), Sylvia Bleßmann (ZDF-Landesstudio in MV),

Dr. Susanne Eichner (University Aarhus), Bettina Offermann (LOOKS International), Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agency)

2017 Jury Member at Belgrade Fast Forward: “Women in Film Best Pitch Award”

The first Women in Film Best Pitch Award  by Film Center Serbia and the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (EWA).

The jury for the section Women in Film will be the Serbian actress Mirjana Karanovic, the Bosnian producer Amra Baksic Camo and Suzanne Pradel.

2016 “Working With A Script Consultant” Speaker at Antalya Film Festival

Panel with Anne Gension (ScriptHouse), Dimitris Yatzouzakis (Mediterranean Film Institute), Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agency)

2016 Jury Member at Pitching Platform at the Antalya Film Forum

Jury: Latina Mitevska (Sisters and Brother Mitevski – Producer); Arben Zharku (Kosovo Cinematography Center – Director) and Suzanne Pradel (BuchScout Agency – Script Consultant)

Price: €30.000.- for the project SISTERS of the director Emin Alper and the producer Nadir Operli (Liman Film).

2016 Script consulting at „Multiple Revenue Stream Training For Future Films“ in Pisa
How should materials be remodeled for the new financing and distribution channels? What effect does that have on material development? – Training program to the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (ewa), sponsored by MEDIA

2015-2016 Lecturer “Media Literacy For Refugees” at VHS Berlin

How do I use modern media to help me cope in German society? Where do I get my information in a country foreign to me? – 3-months workshop.

2015 „Novel to Film Adaptation“ – Lecturer at SAE Alumni Convention 

What are the benefits of an adaptation, and what are the pitfalls to be avoided? What are the steps in the process, from choosing the right novel, the acquisition of rights and negotiation of contracts, to the completion of the film?

2013 SchoolWorkshop: „How To Develop An Adventures Film?“
Together with the 6th grade class at the Zille Primary School in Berlin, Suzanne Pradel undertook an exciting journey into the world of film. From writing a screenplay to shooting and editing the film, their hands-on experience gave these young film fans a grand introduction into the process of film making. The finale was the theatrical screening of their film „The Stick – And The Shattered Class“ at the John- Lennon-School ́s Film Festival at the Berlin cinema Babylon Mitte.

2008-2011 Lecturer for Script Development at the Film Acting School Berlin

2007-2008 Tutor for Script Development at Film School Hamburg-Berlin und Member of the Jury