Christmas Newsletter

Dear partners, friends and colleagues,

A turbulent year comes to a close.

Since January 2016 Silke Hoffmann is supporting our team to scan the book market for interesting novels to adopt.

Suzanne Pradel has dramaturgically accompanied the development of a multitude of projects from which a few have been presented to the audience this year.

How we can shape a better future by knowing our history? This question was the center of the documentary about the work and life of Dr. Gerda Lerner „WHY WOMEN NEED TO CLIMB MOUNTAINS“ by Renata Keller.The film was well-received by its audiences from Berlin to Hamburg, London, Paris and Melbourne, consequently sparking lively discussions.
The English version will be soon available. View the trailer:

The international coproduction „GALLOPING MIND“ by the Belgian director Wim Vandekeybus and produced by Bart Van Langendonck (Savage Film) travels this year to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Filmfestival Cottbus and the Cairo International Film Festival.
View the trailer:

The non-fiction book „TO UNDERSTAND LIFE“ by the bestselling author and philosopher Wilhelm Schmid traces important questions about life, which have been the result of ten years of conversations with patients and doctors in a Swiss hospital.

BuchScout is delighted that the studio-musical „A MAN AND A PIANO“ by Árpád Bondy will have its premiere at the Theater Pforzheim.

Also for 2017 we have a multitude of projects in the pipeline. Thus it stays exciting.

BuchScout wants to wish you merry Christmas and countless happy moments for the New Year! We’d like to thank you for the fruitful collaborations this year and we’re looking forward to launching new, fascinating projects with you in 2017.

Your BuchScout Team