Teaching at the Pichting Platform of the Bosphorus Film Lab

Together with Giovanni Robbiano working with Turkish upcoming talents at the Pitching Platform during the Bosphorus Film Festival.


“Snow and The Bear” by  (winner of the Pitching Platform) – “Anatolian Leopard” by Orcun Köksal – “Not As You Know it” by Vuslat Saraçoglu  – “Class Curtain” by First Reihen – “The Cycle” by Erkan Tahhusoglu – “Gülizar” by Öktem Basol & Belkis Bayrak – “Treasure” by Canberra Yerguz – “Let Who Has the Most Grudge Cast the First Stone” by Stil Inanc –  “Final Hearing” by Ümran After – “XLand” by Kivilcim Okay, Tuncay Akgün

How to get the money for your future films?


This is what EWA´s Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films is about which will take place in Pisa, Italy, from June 29 to July 3.

The training is supported by Creative Europe-MEDIA.

14 participants from 9 different countries will come together to learn film financing. marketing, distribution, crowdfunding and audience building to improve the market potential for their projects.

EWA’s 2016 pedagogical core team is composed of top-notch experts in film marketing (Kobi Shely – Distrify Media), in crowdfunding (Hilla Medalia – Medalia Productions), rich media & mobile distribution (Mirona Nicola – Gruvi.tv), financing (Marco Dreysse, financing consultant), pitching (Agathe Berman – Legato Films), development (Tereza Simikova – Doc Incubator), brand marketing (Marina Marzotto – Propaganda Italia) and script-writing (Suzanne Pradel – BuchScout Agency Berlin).

The lucky participants whose projects include fiction, documentaries and cross media projects are:

Suzan Guverte, Turkey, Producer
Serena Gramizzi, Italy, Producer
Valeria Mazzucchi, Italy, Director
Izaskun Arandia, Spain, Director & Producer
Glynnis Ritter, Sweden, Producer & Outreach Manager
Merja Ritola, Finland, Producer
Irene de Lucas Ramon, Spain, Scriptwriter & Director
Vera Juliusdottir, Iceland, Director
Mariette Feltin, France, Director
Marina Kunarova, Kazakhstan, Scriptwriter & Director
Yessenyia Abenova, Kazakhstan, Director
Marina Lazarevska, Macedonia
Cristina Rajola, Italy, Producer
Maru Solores, Spain, Director & Screenwriter