SerienScout is your serial content developer

The SerienScout Agency was founded in January 2018 by script consultant Suzanne Pradel. The SerienScout Team searches for serial content on the German bookmarket and among European talent scriptwriters. We develop, dramaturgically consult and broker innovative series for the national and international market.

SerienScout is your creative serial content developer
The SerienScout agency regularly scans the German`s book market for the latest narrative and thematic trends. Our many years of experience as dramatic advisors and script experts, as well as our attendance at fairs and festivals, gives us far-reaching insights into the current European film scene. Our knowledge benefits you.
We supply outstanding new serial concepts and broker the rights. These can be original ideas or adaptations – and we write marketable concepts to facilitate your search for partners.
We not only discuss the development process of your series dramaturgically from the initial idea to the finished scripts, but also develop the strategically targeted conception. Thus we make sure that your series is innovative, high-quality and, above all, internationally outstanding.

SerienScout is your partner in the development of original series
Agency: We broker the rights for series in our catalog made for the national and international market. As your creative developers, work into finished scripts together with the authors.
Script consulting: We accompany the development of your series – from script analysis of one episode to the dramaturgical support of an entire season.
Authors search: We support you in the search for nationally and internationally suitable experienced authors for your series.
Series concept: We design, revise and write a market-ready series concept in German, English or French.
Writers’ room: We take on the organization of a writers’ room as regards content to develop your series idea into a marketable series concept. We search out a suitable showrunner / head writer and organize as well as dramaturgically supervise the work of the authors in the writers’ room.
Training: We also offer the chance to involve your employees in the work of the writers’ room or to train them in this method of working.

SerienScout is your partner in filmic adaptation
Novel search: We search the German book market for novels ripe for marketing as serials according to your production profile.
Book market overview: We supply you with current trend lists from the German book market.
Novel rights brokerage: In rare cases, we can offer you book rights to novels taken up by our agency because of their extraordinary theme or artistic merit and which can be marketed as serials.

SerienScout connects you with the right international partners
By providing you with continuous assistance and advice, the SerienScout agency looks after you beyond the script development. In addition, you benefit from our European network built up over many years. In this way, we help you in the search for suitable and trustworthy European partners (co-producers, authors, directors, lawyers …).

SerienScout gets your project noticed in the web
The SerienScout agency distributes and promotes important news of our joint project in the social networks.

SerienScout stands for:
socially relevant – narratively sophisticated – eco-politically visionary – ethical-philosophically inspired – culturally seismographic – audio-visually revolutionary – artistically original


Katrin Merkel                             Suzanne Pradel