EWA gives Special Mention for the screenplay „It’s Bonny by the Sea“ by Rebecca Innes

The high quality and diversity of the projects submitted for the EWA´S 2nd Female Scriptwiter´s Residency in Berlin made the decision-making process very challenging and inspiring, that´s why the jury of the European Women´s Audiovisual Network decided to give the project „It’s Bonny by the Sea“ by Rebecca Innes a special mention and a script consultancy session with the script consultant Suzanne Pradel.

Rebecca Innes
Whilst studying Media Production BA (Hons) at Northumbria University Rebecca also worked freelance within the Art Department on several short and feature films including the BAFTA-nominated ‘I Am Nasrine‘ and Gillian Wearing’s art documentary ‚Self Made‘. She then moved to London to work at the London Film Academy where she met Writer-Directors Syed Zul Tojo and Kevork Aslanyan and co-wrote feature films and pilots ‘Melaka‘ and ‘No White‘. Since then Rebecca and Syed have co-written ‘Hijabsta Ballet‘, Malaysia’s first research film, which was released theatrically in July 2017. Rebecca continues to co-write with Kevork and works on her own projects in the U.K. Rebecca is also an Associate Lecturer at Northumbria University, teaching screenwriting on the Animation BA (Hons) degree. BuchScout Agency is her agent.

„It’s Bonny By The Sea“ is a film about love, heartache and self-care. Polish care worker Irena arrives to the run-down coastal town of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northumberland looking for breathing space from her failing marriage but instead she finds Alex, a caring and capable young man stunted by his small-town existence. Brought together through their mutual care for Alex’s nan Sally, a simple but wise old woman trapped by Alzheimer’s disease, the pair bring hope to one another and come to learn the value and purpose of pragmatic love.

Winner of EWA´s 2nd Female Scriptwriter Residence in Berlin

„Testosterone Story – The Fragile Beauty of Masculinity“, written by Andrea Culkova, has been selected for the 2nd EWA’s scriptwriter residency programme in Berlin.

The female scriptwriter residency program of the European Women´s Audiovisual Network (EWA) is a great initiative dedicated to supporting the next generation of screenwriting talents, and helping them enter the industry by working the strategic positioning of the project with the best script possible. Its purpose is offering to one selected woman scriptwriter or director the possibility to be mentored by the script consultant Suzanne Pradel to work with her before and after Berlinale and to have the opportunity to attend the EFM at the Berlinale 2018 to make connections.

Andrea Culkova is a film director, creative artist, pedagogue and mother of three. She received a degree in art education from Prague’s Charles University and later in documentary direction from the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Her feature film „Sugar Blues“ had its international premiere at CPH:DOX in 2014 and was screened at numerous festivals and sold worldwide. The meta-art project H*Art On was made in cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague and the Dok.Incubator Workshop 2015, and premiered at Dok Leipzig 2016 – Next Masters competition. Alongside „The Brainwashing Experiment“ it was included in the 2016 Camp4science program. Andrea Culkova’s background in fine arts is evident in the original style she brings to her audiovisual work and the unique interpretation she finds in each of her projects.

Synopsis: In the heart of Europe there’s a swimming pool where the water is almost completely still and the surface is just barely disturbed by the clumsy limbs of those who have been kissed by death. Testosterone’s fanatic riders have been brought here, the Kladruby Sanatorium, from all over the world to attempt the practically impossible – a return to life. To do this they must reconsider all their previous goals and accept the fact that the world will never be the same as before death’s kiss, but that even this is a triumph. Yet not everyone is able to understand this and not everyone will make it during their five-month stay in the sanatorium. After all, it’s the past with all its debts, mortgages, and unresolved relationships that mercilessly catches up with them here. Indeed, nothing tests a relationship more than the serious injury of a partner. And what about Adam and his wife, the rehabilitation nurse Štěpánka? How do they fit into all of this?


30.11.17 Filmvorführung und Podiumsdiskussion in Wien: „Warum Frauen Berge besteigen sollten“

Frauengeschichtsschreibung am Beispiel von Gerda Lerner. Ihre Relevanz und Aktualität für den historisch-politischen Unterricht von heute

Termin: 30.11.2017, 13:30–16:30 Uhr
Ort: Hertha Firnberg Schulen für Wirtschaft und Tourismus, Firnbergplatz 1, 1220 Wien
Veranstalter: Demokratiezentrum Wien, Hertha Firnberg Schulen für Wirtschaft und Tourismus. In Kooperation mit dem Bundesministerium für Bildung

Gerda Lerner (1920–2013) war eine der Pionierinnen der Frauen- und Geschlechter-geschichte. Sie trug wesentlich zur Etablierung dieser Disziplin bei, die heute an internationalen Universitäten fest verankert ist. Frauen- und Geschlechter-geschichte ist einerseits Querschnittsmaterie, andererseits besonders für den historisch-politischen Unterricht relevant. Die Veranstaltung will Möglichkeiten aufzeigen, um den biografischen Zugang zur Thematik am Beispiel Gerda Lerners in den Unterricht zu integrieren, und LehrerInnen und MultiplikatorInnen Anregungen und konkrete Beispiele für die Praxis bieten.

Begrüßung und Einleitung
· Maria Ettl, Direktorin der Hertha Firnberg Schulen für Wirtschaft und Tourismus
· Roswitha Tschenett, Leiterin der Abteilung Gender Mainstreaming, Gleichstellung und Schule des Bundesministeriums für Bildung
· Gertraud Diendorfer, Leiterin des Demokratiezentrum Wien

Impulsstatement von Renata Keller (Berlin), Regisseurin des FilmsWarum Frauen Berge besteigen sollten. Eine Reise durch das Leben und Werk von Dr. Gerda Lerner“

Filmvorführung: Ausschnitte aus „Warum Frauen Berge besteigen sollten“

Podiumsdiskussion mit:
· Rosa Costa (Historikerin)
· Gertraud Diendorfer (Leiterin des Demokratiezentrum Wien)
· Silvia Kronberger (PH Salzburg Stefan Zweig / BZGPF)
· Renata Keller (Regisseurin)
· Selma Köhler (Schulsprecherin der Hertha Firnberg Schulen)

Moderation: Irini Tzaferis (Professorin für Deutsch und Geschichte)

Im Anschluss laden die Hertha Firnberg Schulen zu einem Buffet

Der Dokumentarfilm „Warum Frauen Berge besteigen sollten“ wurde von der BuchScout Agentur dramaturgisch betreut.

Nov 9: Premiere in Australien: WHY WOMEN NEED TO CLIMB MOUNTAINS

thumb-phpAnyone Near Melbourne on Wed 9 November 2016?

The fabulous documentary „Why Women Need To Climb Mountains“ about the life of Dr. Gerda Lerner will be premiered at 18:00 – 21:00 AEDT at Palace Cinema Como, Torah Road, South Yarra, VIC 314 in Australia.

The evening and documentary will be introduced by Karen Downes, it has been produced and directed by Renata Keller and tells the story of Gerda Lerner’s contribution to women’s history and freedom and her profound message and example that needs to be passed on. Women need to progress and continue to work on self-authoring their lives. Gerda Lerner’s heroic attitude to overcoming obstacles symbolizes the strength and power that lies within each woman. There is more to understand about the significance of her work and it is important that the next generations learn not only from her theoretical analysis of women’s history but also from her full-hearted and unrelenting spirit in making social change happen, by also rewriting history where women have been left out of the narrative. The film will challenge the audience to think about our collective future and will give a powerful message about the evolution of human dignity. We will complete the evening with a Q & A session.

English trailer: http://www.womenneedtoclimbmountains.com/trailer/#.V6ufMGMTLdk

Dok-Film 28.07: Eine bessere gemeinsame Zukunft?

wfbbs28072016neukoellnWie kann uns das Wissen über unsere eigene Geschichte dazu inspirieren eine bessere Zukunft zu gestalten?
Dieser Frage ist die Historikerin Dr. Gerda Lerner – eine der beeindruckendsten Frauenpersönlichkeiten des 20. Jahrhunderts – nachgegangen.

Der Dokumentarfilm „Warum Frauen Berge besteigen sollten“ zeichnet ihren Lebensweg – von der Flucht aus dem nationalsozialistischen Österreich in die USA  – nach und setzt sich mit ihrem inspirierenden Lebenswerk auseinander.

Ein für Frauen wie Männer beeindruckender Film!

Donnerstag. 28. Juli 2016 20.00 Uhr mit anschließender Q&A mit der Regisseurin Renata Keller

Störenfriede, Jonasstr. 40, Berlin Neukölln.

Trotz 30° volles Kino und anregende Diskussion!

 Der Dokumentarfilm „Warum Frauen Berge besteigen sollten“ von Renata Keller stellt das Leben und Werk Dr. Gerda Lerner vor, die aus Wien vor den Nazis geflohen ist und in den USA entscheidende Impulse als politische Aktivistin und Frauenhistorikerin geliefert hat. Sie ist sicher einer der beeindruckten Persönlichkeiten des 20. Jahrhunderts und ein gutes Vorbild für viele Frauen und Männer, mutig seinen eigenen Weg zu gehen.

Wir bedanken uns für bei den Kinobesuchern das zahlreiche Kommen und die anregende Diskussion danach.

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